We are wijwonen!

The tenants' association for students in Delft

What does WijWonen do?

WijWonen represents the 8,500+ tenants of student housing provider DUWO in Delft. We work together with DUWO to align the tenant policy as closely as possible with the wishes of the tenants, even when their interests conflict with those of DUWO.

Contact with DUWO

“Every six weeks we have a meeting with DUWO where we mainly discuss issues that apply to all residents of DUWO complexes in Delft.

Informing tenants

WijWonen aims to proactively inform all tenants about important tenant matters. You can also come to us with any questions you may have.

Auditing DUWO

Moreover, WijWonen is there to check (and make sure!) that DUWO meets its obligations towards tenants.

Who is WijWonen?

We are the tenants’ organization for all students in Delft who rent from DUWO. If you have problems with DUWO and can’t resolve them yourself, you can call on us for help. We often have meetings with DUWO and can directly address your issue there. Additionally, we monitor DUWO and have a say in their policies.

Would you like to contact

Do you have a question? Are you having trouble with DUWO? Then we are the organization for you. With our close connections to DUWO, we help resolve your issues as quickly as possible. In addition to questions or complaints, we are always open to hearing good ideas for your complex.

Send us a text

Keep in touch!

If you always want to stay up to date on the most important news as a tenant, or if you are curious about what we are working on, then follow us on our social media!”