The board

The board of the tenants’ organization WijWonen Delft consists of six to eight part-time board members. We are all still students and are committed to ensuring comfortable housing for everyone who rents from DUWO Delft. We have weekly meetings at our monumental office building at Papenstraat 20W and spend several hours a week fulfilling our duties.

Every six weeks, we have a meeting with DUWO to discuss advisory requests, policy changes, major issues, finances, and other matters. At the national level, we work together with our sister organizations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Leiden, and Delft. Here, we write “DUWO-wide” advisory requests and discuss DUWO’s overall policies.

Executive board




Hey I’m Maik! As Chairman, it is my task to ensure that the daily activities of the association run as efficiently as possible. I am the primary point of contact for the association and remain as involved as possible in local and national matters.


Secretary & Treasurer


Hey! My name is Ruben, I’m 21 years old and in my 4th year of “Technology, Policy and Management”. This year I am following a minor in philosophy, am hoping to finish my bachelors and, most importantly of course, am the Secretary of WijWonen. My main occupations will be the general contact with you, maintaining our website, and for example minuting our meetings. If you have any remarks on the e-mails or website, be sure to let me know!



Umbrella group


Commissioner Umbrella

Hi! My name is Jesse Joosten, I’m 20 years old. I’m studying Industrial Design and I live in Delft. Since the 1st of April (no joke) I’m one of the new commissioners Koepel. As commissioners Koepel we are concerned with DUWO’s national policy. We do this together with our fellow organizations from other cities where DUWO is active. The aim is to represent as many tenants of DUWO as possible. That’s why I, as commissioner Koepel, am ready to give students from Delft a voice in the plans of DUWO on the national level.



Commissioner Umbrella

Hi, my name is Dante, I’m 20 years old and I’m an Architecture student. Since the 1st of April, I’ve been appointed as commissioner Koepel for WijWonen together with Jesse. This means that I represent WijWonen at meetings and when discussing DUWO’s policy on a national level. Together with rental organizations from other cities, we make sure that tenants from Delft also have a voice when we meet with DUWO. I’m looking forward to getting to work for our DUWO tenants in Delft!





Commissioner Bewoners

Hi! My name is Sten van Vliet, 24 years old and currently studying Construction Management & Engineering. As of February 1st I am also the new board member at WijWonen for local affairs! My role consists of advising tenants of DUWO in case of questions and complaints related to their housing situation. Furthermore, I help to set up resident committees and support them with advise on varying different topics! Together this makes for an exciting combination of responsibilities! With all that being said, feel free to contact me in case of any complaints or issues related to DUWO!



Commissioner PR

Hihi! My name is Noa, I’m 23 years old and I’m currently doing the master Watermanagement. At this moment, I’m very busy with my thesis, but at the same time, I’m the Commissioner of Promotion at the WijWonen board since November! I do think that this is the nicest function; taking care of the socials, making posters, ordering gadgets and – most importantly – organizing drinks! My goals are to increase the awareness of WijWonen, to strengthen our network (mostly student and study associations) and to get in touch with you more recently, e.g. through the drinks that were mentioned earlier. Will you join us next time? See you there!