Repairs and Complaints

Is there something broken in your room or building complex? You can submit a repair request via DUWO’s website. For repairs included in the service subscription, depending on the issue, you should contact one of the following services.

If your repair request has not been satisfactorily resolved, or if you believe you have been disadvantaged by DUWO, file a complaint with DUWO or contact us if you cannot resolve the issue with DUWO. We can provide you with information, mediate between you and DUWO, and provide legal support. We are happy to help!

General (urgent) repairs
Fill in the repair request or
call 015-2516700 (24 hours a day)

Call Vastgoed Service at 015-2516700
(24 hours a day)

Blocked drain
Call RRS at 070-3368888
(24 hours a day)

Elevator malfunction
The name and phone number of the elevator company are located inside or on the elevator (24 hours a day)

Glass breakage
Call Vastgoed Service at 015-2516700
(24 hours a day)