As a tenant, you may have rights you’ve never heard of. On this page you will find useful documents that tell you more about your rights. Beware, these documents are in Dutch.

‘Instemming’ law

View the document below about your rights when it comes to ‘instemmingen’ at non-self-contained homes. Instemmingen are events in which you’ll visit a house with a vacant room, to see if you are a good fit in that house and eventually fill that vacancy.

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Quality of life budget

As a tenant at DUWO you may be entitled to the quality of life budget.

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Tenancy law

Do you happen to know what your rights are when it comes to renting? This can be quite complicated, which is why we at WijWonen, together with five student organizations from Delft (SHS Delft, STIP, ORAS, VSSD, and Wetswinkel Delfland), have created an interactive (Dutch) document summarizing the most important rules regarding rental law for students.

In this document, you can find general tips and especially lots of useful links to the right websites for more information. So, if you ever have a question about your rental rights, such as whether you are entitled to rent allowance, whether you have to take over the previous tenant’s belongings, or how long your landlord has to fix certain defects, take a look at the document.

If you still find something unclear or have any other concerns, you can always send an email to

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