The Board

The board of Tenants Associaton WijWonen Delft consist of five parttime boardmembers. We are all students and tenants of DUWO Delft. We are putting our best effort into improving issues for all tenants of DUWO Delft. Every Tuesday we have a boardmeeting in our office at Papenstraat 20w. Next to this, we have a regular meeting with DUWO, where we discuss wishes and problems concerning larger issues. At the moment our board is composed as follows:

Arnault-Quentin Eggermont, Chairman

As chairman I am responsible for the affairs of the association and keep track of the different tasks carried out by the board members. I make sure our meetings happen smoothly and organised by making an agenda and chairing the meetings. By keeping the vision and purpose of WijWonen in mind I try to keep on improving ourselves.

Dennis Botman, Secretary

As secretary I am aware of all the occupations and activities of the other members of the board. I am responsible for the mail, which means that if you send an email or letter to WijWonen I will deliver it to the correct person of the board. I also make reports of the meetings.

Marco Xausa, Treasurer

As treasurer I am responsible for all the financial management. I oversee all our present budgets and accounts. Besides, I take care for all the issues and opportunities related to the international tenants.

David Sarkisian, Commissioner of External Relationships

As Commissioner Cooperating Tenant Organisations I handle the dossiers that relate to multiple DUWO branch locations. Together with the different tenant organisations that are active in DUWO’s work field, we try to align interest in order to collectively consult with DUWO in effort to pursue changes in DUWO’s policy.

Maya Bisessar, Public Relations Commissioner

As public relations commisioner I try improve the profile and image of WijWonen and make sure that the information we sent out is representative. I organise events and make sure that the website and Facebook pages of WijWonen stay up-to-date.




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Arnault-Quentin Eggermont


Dennis Botman


Marco Xausa


David Sarkisian


Maya Bisessar