Overview of current dossiers:

Code Title Status Description Date
17L-006 Return on energy tax Work in progress Return on energy tax 12-12-2017
17L-005 Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2017 Finished Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2017 20-03-2017
17L-004 New laundry system Finished New laundry system 22-05-2018
17L-003 Long-term agreements Work in progress Long-term agreements municipality 2017-2020 20-03-2017
17L-002 Contracts Balthasar vd Polweg 1-2 Finished Contracts Balthasar vd Polweg 1-2 30-05-2017
17B-001 Building inspection Finished Building inspection for shared quality definition 20-03-2017
16L-004 Budget shared energy costs Finished Setting budget shared energy costs 13-03-2017
16K-009 Business plan DUWO Preparation Business plan DUWO 20-03-2017
16K-006 New cooperation agreement Finished New cooperation agreement between DUWO and WijWonen 13-03-2017