General Members Assembly

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General Members Assembly

On Wednesday 6th of June at 20:00 there will be a general members assembly (ALV) at our office.

You are cordially invited to join us! The ALV will be closed with drinks!

Below you can read the official invitation:

Dear WijWonen-member,

On behalf of the Wijwonen Board I invite you to join the general members assembly (ALV in Dutch) of tenant organization WijWonen on Wednesday 6th of June 2018. The assembly will take place at the WijWonen office on Papenstraat 20W in Delft and it will commence at 20:00.

During the members assembly there will be an opportunity to ask questions or make remarks. We would like to ask to send us any questions or remarks about the dossiers per e-mail, whenever possible, in order for us to give a most substantiated response. We would appreciate this as well for remarks about the draft records.

The assembly will be in Dutch, as are the documents, but everyone is welcome to join us nonetheless.

On behalf of WijWonen,

Maarten de Vries

ALV-2018-06-06-Agenda (Dutch)

Minutes ALV 2018-03-21 concept (Dutch)

Financial Statement WijWonen 2017 (Dutch)

WijWonen Privacy Statement

Proposal to increase compensation for board members (Dutch)

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